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S2C Site Install

Remote Pump Monitoring: The Key to Ensuring Reliable and Continuous Pump Performance!

Install a S2C Alarm Wastewater Lift Station Monitoring Device That Will Give You an Insite to Your Daily Operation

TankVitals S2C is a reliable global cellular auto dialer alarm monitoring solution designed specifically for wastewater lift stations and water towers. Receive real-time alarms via voice, text, and email for efficient monitoring and maintenance. Are you tired of dealing with unexpected pump failures and costly downtime? Look no further, because we have the ultimate solution for you. Introducing our state-of-the-art remote pump monitoring system, designed to help you reduce downtime and save costs. With our advanced technology, you can now monitor your pumps remotely and receive real-time updates on their performance, allowing you to detect potential issues before they become major problems. This means you can take proactive measures to prevent pump failures and avoid costly downtime. Our remote pump monitoring system is not only reliable but also incredibly easy to use. It provides you with a user-friendly interface that displays all the essential data you need to keep your pumps running smoothly. Whether you're a small business owner or a large industrial plant operator, our system can be customized to meet your specific needs. Say goodbye to unexpected pump failures and hello to increased efficiency and cost savings. Don't let downtime drain your resources any longer. Invest in our remote pump monitoring system today and reap the benefits of uninterrupted pump performance.

Are you still using the Red Beacon Alarm Light or the Sensaphone Dialer System?

When your lift station alarms or red light turns on RDI can help. When using the S2C (SCADA to Cloud) web based alarm system monitoring will send you a real time voice, text and/or email message. Our S2C is user friendly and is easy to install a cell phone dialer for alarm system within your Lift Station controller device.

Life Time Warranty and Proudly Made in the USA

Prove that our S2C works with your application before investing, Try the S2C Free Trial!



  • Customize alarm input names
  • Power failure Alarm
  • High and Low Water Alarms
  • Cabinet Temperature High/Low Alarm
  • No need to install drivers, software, or telephone circuits

Up to 4 Pump Run Timers *selectable

  • Monitor Pump Thermal Overload Failure Alarm
  • Circuit Breaker Failure Alarm
  • Control 1 Relay (SPST)

Handles Thousands of Sites

  • Output Custom APIs Alarms to Wonderware (push method) SCADA system
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Internally DIN mount or Externally NEAM-4x

Real-Time Voice, Text and/or Email alerts

  • Input Alarms are 120Vac and/or 24Vdc Optically Isolated
  • The S2C has a solid state power backup so you never have to replace any batteries
4-20 Milliamp

4-Channels of 4-20 Milliamp inputs

  • Isolated 4-channel 4-20 mA module, impedance is 10 ohms
  • includes Input Module (Alarm monitoring 120Vac and/or 24Vdc Optically Isolated)

Field Proven

  • Scale – Thousands of S2C deployed
  • Longevity
  • Experience – we built our first Cellular application in 2001
  • The S2C was developed in 2010

Lift Station

  • Completely Wireless
  • Desiged for simple fast installation
  • Remote pump monitoring system
  • Works with septic lift station

Water Towers

  • Remote water tank level monitoring
  • Monitors Low/High level Alarm
  • Flow Rates
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Chemical Scale Weights

S2C is a Cellular/Wireless wastewater alarm system for your sewage pump station.

The S2C remote monitoring system will notify you immediately when something starts to threaten your water treatment facility.

S2C sewage lift station monitoring provides you with pump run-time reports.

Try It Before You Buy IT

Simpler, Faster and Smarter Cellular System for your Location

Test our S2C Cellular 4G wireless tank alarm system? RDI will send a demo unit out to you.

RDI Products

S2C Input view

12 Channel 120Vac or 24Vdc Input Module

4-20mA view

4 Channel Isoultate 4-20mA Module


    Includes VPN (Virtual Private Network) ** Real-time alarm ** Notifications sent directly to your phone and/or email ** Solid State power backup No batteries needed ** Temperature Sensor Web-based SCADA software included - Software upgrades included - Website hosting and maintenance as well as technical support included - All wireless data and long distance telephone charges included - Archiving of historic device data included

    RDI is committed to providing unparalleded

    Experience, Service and Knowledge to our Clients

    If history is an indication, you're looking at the future of cellular control and monitoring. All of our products are engineered by RDI for performance and that's why our product has a Life Time Warranty.

    • 01The S2C circurt boards are created and designed in-house

      RDIcontrols the quality of the S2C product by creating the motherboards.

    • Use any device that can access the internet and log into your site for a comprehensive remote monitoring system. All S2C access is protected by the VPN.

    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a system that aims to monitor and control field devices at your remote sites. It offers sophisticated data management, editing and validation tools.RDImaintains an audit trail of each edit and keep the database for reports.

    • Yes, we do monitor water towers. Ex: temperature alarm monitoring to prevent freeze-up. Optional Ex: 4 input board (4-20ma) that will provide you with flow monitoring.RDIwill customize your web page.


    Boost Your Alarm System's Efficiency with a S2C Cellular Dialer

    A Word From Our Customers

    As a head wastewater operator for a city with multiple remote lift station locations, I have looked into multiple options for communication of these sites. I can attest that RDI's TankVitals Solutions is by far an option that can't be beat! At a fraction of the price of radio and fiber systems, this cellular is not only affordable, but superior in reliability. Combine that with customer service that is in my opinion the best in the industry. I couldn't be happier with this system. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any municipality that is looking for quality, affordability, and reliability.

    Nick Martin - City of Stanley, WI - Head Wastewater Operator

    Call 701-331-4085 to speak to one of our friendly representatives

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Wastewater operators need to know if remote pumps are working.

    Our S2C sends out real-time alerts text message and/or email to give operators access to the wastewater system data they demand. Help your community cut costs by giving operators the support they need by installing an S2C monitoring device to monitor your water tower\lift stations.

    • Does it work on all Cellular sites?

      Yes, our SIMs are able to select Verizion and works with Canada Bell type systems.RDI uses cellular 4G technology.

    • Is it below the $20 per month cost and does it give you reports about your pump run times? With the S2C you save $ Money and have history of your pump run times and alarms for your municipal water/wastwater facitlities.

    • Yes, each user has their own login and are able to select or deselect either Voice, Text or Email messages.

    • RDI takes great pride in offering superior services and we stand behind our S2C product.

    • Our professional engineers work closely with our clients to produce acurate and timely products. RDI designs and builds custom wireless systems across all industries. With In house CAD,RDI does all our own custom printed circuit board layouts. RDI writes the Micro-Controller Software and does all Web page Design. Thus RDI has your back!

    • RDIs Cellular Fee is Billed April 1st of this year to March 31 of next year.

    • Voice alarm is an option with no additional cost.

    • Yes! Pleae Call Us at 701-331-4085 and it will be done!

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    We don’t require restrictive contracts because we believe our high-standards speak for themselves. We strive, every day, to provide customers the best security service at a fraction of the normal industry cost. Tank Vitals provides affordable alarm systems and quality security monitoring. There is always a live person available to assist you.

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