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Install a s2c Wastewater Alarm Lift Station Remote Monitoring Device That Will Give You an Insite to Your Daily Operation

Are you still using the Red Light or the Sensaphone Dialer System?

When your lift station alarms or red light turns on, RDI can help you out when you use the S2C pump station alarm monitoring system that will send you a real time text and/or email message. Our S2C, a cellular water alarm solution that sends real time alarms and is a SCADA to Cloud device that is easy to install within your Lift Station controller device.

Life Time Warranty and Proudly Made in the USA



  • Customize alarm input names
  • Power failure Alarm
  • High and Low Water Alarms
  • Cabinet Temperature High/Low Alarm
  • No need to install drivers, software, or telephone circuits

Up to 4 Pump Run Timers *selectable

  • Monitor Pump Thermal Overload Failure Alarm
  • Circuit Breaker Failure Alarm
  • 1 Relay control

Handles Thousands of Sites

  • Easy Installation
  • Includes VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Internally DIN mount or Externally Neam4x

Real-Time Voice, Text and/or Email alerts

  • Input Alarms are 120Vac or 24Vdc Optically Isolated
  • The S2C has a solid state power backup so you never have to replace any batteries
4-20 Milliamp

4 Channel 4-20 Milliamp inputs

  • Isolated 4-channel 4-20 mA input module
  • Prove your application before investing in the S2C- Free Trial

Field Proven

  • Scale – Thousands of S2C deployed
  • Longevity
  • The S2C was developed in 2000
  • Experience – we built our first S2C application in 2001

Lift Station

  • Completely Wireless
  • Desiged for simple fast installation

Water Towers

  • Monitors Low/High level Alarm
  • Flow Rates
  • Temperature Monitoring

S2C is a Cellular/Wireless wastewater device for your sewage pump station.

The S2C remote monitoring system will notify you immediately when something starts to threaten your water treatment facility.

S2C cellular lift station monitoring provides you with reports.

Simpler, Faster and Smarter Cellular Dialer for Alarm System

Test our S2C Cellular 4G wireless tank alarm system. RDI will send a demo unit out to you.

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Includes VPN (Virtual Private Network) ** Real-time alarm ** Notifications sent directly to your phone and/or email ** Solid State power backup No batterys needed ** Temperature Sensor

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